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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should Children Use the Internet as Early as Possible? You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  1. 目前,中国孩子接触网络的年龄越来越小

  2. 有人认为孩子越早接触网络越好,也有人表示反对

  3. 我的观点


Should Children Use the Internet as Early as Possible?

It is not until recent years that the Internet composes an indispensable part of our modern way of living. Many children soon acquaint themselves with this high technology and it appears that they are encouraged by their parents to use the Internet as early as possible. However, divided opinions have been formed concerning children’s use of the Internet at an increasingly younger age.

On the one hand, some people take it for granted that children should be equipped with the Internet knowledge in that it serves as a crucial tool for learning, working and even living in the future. In addition, they maintain that the earlier children start to use the Internet, the better experts they will become. On the other hand, others argue that the Internet is a Pandora’s Box for children. Premature exposure is harmful, not only physically but also mentally.

Weighing up the two viewpoints above, I’m inclined to agree with the latter. At their earlier age, children are supposed to enjoy outdoor activities instead of clinging to the computer screen. Besides, children are very likely to be addicted to the Internet, which will affect their healthy growth.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Taking Action Is More Important than Daydreaming. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.



Taking Action Is More Important than Daydreaming

​ As is vividly depicted in the cartoon, a young man is sitting in the chair lazily and thinking: “Tomorrow I will begin my magnificent scheme.” Obviously, he is dreaming of being a successful man but delays taking action to realize it.

​ The thought-provoking drawing mirrors a common social phenomenon that nowadays many young people daydream about being successful without taking immediate action. Two reasons can account for this phenomenon. To begin with, dreaming takes little effort while beginning a grand mission needs courage, determination and above all, the fulfillment of every specific task. In addition, with the fierce competition and the fast pace of life, many young people seem to lack confidence to face difficulties, therefore putting off their plans day by day. Many have even worked out a very detailed schedule, but once they come across certain obstacles, they may easily draw back and count on tomorrow’s efforts.

​ As an old saying goes, “Well begun is half done.” In order to realize our fantastic dreams, we should take immediate action.


It was reported recently that one woman followed actor Andy Lau around for ten years. What is your opinion about those fans who idolise certain celebrities?


Idollsing Celebrities Goes Too Far

​ Due to daily gossip columns in the tabloids(小报) and the ubiquitous(随处可见的) celebrity news in the media, researchers report that about one third of people suffer from Celebrity Worship Syndrome, an actual syndrome that can become obsessional, replacing conventional relations, Some fans of famous people tend to indulge in daydreaming about stars they worship. Having less communication with their friends and families, some obsessed fans ignore conventional relations, leading to psychological problems or disorders. Blind worship undermines young people's spiritual pursuits in real art, literature, philosophy, and science, without which they can hardly hold the sacred torch of civilization transferred to them from preceding generations. It is no exaggeration to say that blind star-worship will probably lead young people whose discretion is not enough into abysmal darkness, and thus buried with them is the hope of the future.

​ In conclusion, given the above harmful effects of blind star-worship, every effort must be made to help fans to get out of the hopeless swamp of star-worship. (231 words)


In June 2007, the Ministry of Education issued a new regulation that college students should not be allowed to find their own housing solution. This ban on students renting off-campus places has triggered off a hot debate. What is your opinion about renting an apartment off-campus?


Students Should Live on Campus

​ Is it justifiable to impose a ban on renting off-campus apartments for university students? Or should the authorities leave the matter to students themselves to decide since they are already adults? Personally, I lend my support to the former.

​ First, living on campus may be convenient owing to the proximity to the teaching buildings along with other facilities, It is obviously very handy to walk out of one's dorm and be in the classroom just five minutes later. The library and canteens are close by too. On the campus where I live the distance between dormitories and classrooms is quite far so a bicycle is a necessity. To have an extra distance to travel between home and campus is unthinkable. Second, it is by and large much safer than living off-campus. Students think nothing of staying in the library until late at night and then walking or cycling back to the dorm. Security guards patrol the campus night and day and also the dorm entrances. But think what could happen if you have to venture outside the campus and make your way home alone through darkened and deserted streets and then enter an unguarded building, Security is something we all take for granted on our campuses but this cannot be guaranteed off-campus.

​ In conclusion, living on campus means that everything that you could possibly require is close at hand with the added benefit of feeling safe and secure within a gated community.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled My Opinion on Campus Lectures. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  1. 大学校园里的讲座丰富多彩

  2. 听讲座的益处

  3. 我对在大学校园里听讲座的评论


My Opinion on Campus Lectures

​ Nowadays, there are great varieties of lectures on campus. Take Beijing Normal University as an example. The past decade has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of lectures a student attended per year, ranging from art to economy, psychology to world issues.

​ Generally speaking, good lectures benefit students a lot. To begin with, lectures can broaden students’ horizons and cultivate their interests in different fields, which will improve their qualities both mentally and academically. What’s more, lectures make students’ life more colorful and enjoyable, helping them acquire and absorb knowledge more quickly.

​ As for me, with these merits, lectures are just complementary and subordinate to our study. If students spend too much time attending lectures, their regular study will be disturbed. Therefore, lectures should be done within a certain limit so that students can strike a proper balance between instructive lectures and study.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay entitled Should Online Virtual Assets Be Protected by Laws? You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  1. 是否应该将网络虚拟财产列入法律保护的范围引起热议

  2. 人们对此有不同的看法

  3. 我认为……


Should Online Virtual Assets Be Protected by Laws?

​ The popularity of online computer games has enjoyed a tremendous growth especially among young people over recent years. In the meantime, whether online virtual assets resulting from online games should be protected by laws or regulations arouses public concern.

​ People who support it hold that online virtual assets cost owners lots of time and energy, so like other common products, they have intrinsic value and should undoubtedly be protected by laws. However, other people, though not against it, think that it is difficult to protect online virtual assets by laws or regulations, because there are no relevant laws or regulations to protect them until now. Therefore, they quite doubt that no viable solutions can be implemented.

​ As far as I am concerned, online virtual assets should be protected by laws. However, it will take a long time to perfect the system of the protection of virtual assets.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on why traditional Chinese culture has gained so much popularity recently. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


On the Popularity of Traditional Chinese Culture

​ In recent years, more and more people wear Hanfu—the traditional clothing of Han Chinese, which reflects the increasing popularity of traditional Chinese culture. The reasons behind this phenomenon are well worth exploring.

​ On the national level, traditional culture is essential for realizing the Chinese Dream. It is stressed many times that the Chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself without a rich and prosperous culture and strong cultural confidence. On the individual level, knowing more about traditional culture will help the youth today cultivate patriotism. With the large influx of Western cultures and values, some young people think traditional Chinese culture is inferior. This kind of thought is detrimental to the development of our country. Therefore, it is important to spread and advocate traditional culture.

​ It can’t be denied that good and bad values coexist in traditional Chinese culture. Thus, we should reject the dross and assimilate the essence. Only in this way can we learn from the past and build a better future.


The Decline of Small Businesses


  During the recent years, countless small businesses have closed their doors and gone bankrupt. The corner grocer's, the small dress shop, the beauty salon, all are victims of market competition. Most of them are replaced by other small businesses that temporarily fill the needs of the neighborhood but frequently end up, sharing the same fate of dissolution. More often, the market served by small businesses is taken over by large stores and shops. Businesses like the corner groceries and the dress shops have gone to big departments and supermarkets, which not only keep adequate store and variety, but also provide better environment and service.

  Apparently, it is increasingly difficult for small businesses to succeed in the present complex economic structure based, as it is, on small profit margins and tremendous sales volume. Lack of enough funds and poor management may be the chief cause of this tragedy. In addition, the quality of their commodities often causes suspicion of the customers as many small businesses are found to sell fake products for more profit, thus earning themselves an evil reputation. As to shopping environment and convenient service, they are unmentionable. All of the above speed up their bankruptcy.

  Today, with the establishment of more and more groups and big corporations, how small businesses can survive in the tide of the market competitive economy has become a hot social issue.