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1. hit the books


  1. many students hit the books when they have final exams 在期末考试来临之前,许多同学就会用功读书

2. a closed book


  1. for me, geology is a closed book 对我来说,地质学是一门我一窍不通的学科
  2. the man’s early life is a closed book 这个人的早年生活是个谜

3. like a book


  1. please don’t speak like a book 请不要说话文邹邹的
  2. I can read his mind like a book 我对他的心事了如指掌

4. bookworms


  1. Bookworms are fond of reading books in the library in their free time 书虫们喜欢在空闲时间去图书馆读书

5. throw the book at


  1. if you break the law, the court will throw the book at you 如果你违反法律,法院会严惩你的