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As an art of writing Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy boasts a considerably long history. It is one of the highest forms of Chinese art, serving the purposes of conveying thoughts and showcasing the abstract beauty of lines of Chinese characters. It is also widely acknowledged that Chinese calligraphy plays a part in preserving the health of those who practice it, which is supported by the long lives of many calligraphers in Chinese history. When one is practicing calligraphy, he or she highly concentrates and is spellbound by the charm of the work, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to unpleasant things. A sense of calm and relaxation and a comfortable psychological state take them over, which is highly beneficial to both the body and mind.

二十四节气(the 24 solar terms)是统称,包括十二节气(12 major solar terms)和十二中气(12 minor solar terms),它们彼此之间相互关联。二十四节气反映了天气变化,可以指导农业耕作,也影响着人们的生活。春秋战国时期,人们开始使用节气作为补充历法。公元前104年,二十四节气最终确立。众所周知,中国是一个有着悠久农业发展史的国家。农业生产受自然规律影响极大。在古代,农民根据太阳的运动安排农业生产活动。二十四节气考虑到了太阳的位置,这就是我们重视它的原因。

The 24 solar terms is a general name of the system that consists of 12 major solar terms and 12 minor solar terms linked with each other. It reflects the weather change, guides agricultural cultivation, and also affects people’s life. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, people began to use solar terms as the supplementary calendar. It was in 104 BC that the 24 solar terms were finally set down. As we all know, China is a country with a long history of agricultural development. Agricultural production is largely influenced by the laws of nature. In ancient times, peasants arranged their agricultural activities according to the movement of the sun. It is the fact that the 24 solar terms take account of the position of the sun that makes us attach importance to it.

团购指一群人集体从商家那里购买相同产品,而商家愿意为批量销售(bulk sales)提供折扣的一种购物方式。中国被认为是团购的先驱。消费者在线购买商品或通过手机接收优惠券(coupon)代码,以便在线下消费物品或服务。专家认为,年龄、收入和教育背景影响了人们进行团购的意愿。到目前为止,方便上网的年轻中产阶级占团购人群的比例很大。然而,专家预计,当在线交易变得更加广泛时,较低收入消费者最终将开始团购,而更多销售传统商品(如药品或书籍)的供应商将会进入该行业。

Group buying refers to a way of buying in which a group of people buy the same products collectively from merchants who are willing to offer discounts for bulk sales. China is considered a pioneer of group buying. Consumers purchase goods online or receive via mobile phones coupon codes for goods or services to be consumed offline. The age, income, and educational background influence people’s willingness to join in group buying, according to experts. So far, young middle-class people with easy access to the Internet make up a large proportion of group buying shoppers. However, experts predict that when online transactions become more widespread, lower-income consumers will eventually start group buying, and more suppliers of traditional goods (such as drugs or books).

近几年,电子商务的迅猛发展加快了电子货币(electronic money)的普遍应用。电子货币是通过电脑或手机等电子化方式来支付的货币。电子货币最典型的例子是比特币(bitcoin),它可以用现金购买,还能像其他任何货币一样进行交易。与现金支付相比,电子货币更加方便,增加了社会效益(social benefit),但对银行经营方式产生了冲击。安全性一直是电子货币使用过程中最受关注的问题,因此要建立完善的电子货币支付系统,保证支付的安全性。

E-commerce has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, accelerating the widespread application of electronic money. Electronic money is the currency which is used to pay by electronic means like a computer or mobile phone. The most typical example of electronic money is bitcoin, which can be bought with real money and used to trade like another currency. Compared with the cash payment, it is more convenient and raises the social benefit, but it has an impact on the way the ban operates. Security has always been the biggest concern in the process of using electronic money, so it is required to establish a perfect electronic money payment system to ensure the security of payment.

远程教育(distance education)与传统教育相比有两大区别,即远程教育具有灵活性和开放性,不受时空和学习进度的限制。教师在一处授课,而学生在另一处学习,打破了时空限制。授课可以实时或非实时进行。正如五花八门的课程一样,远程教育的模式也是多种多样的。一般而言,远程教育有三种基本的传播模式:电视现场直播,完整的或经过压缩的信息传播以及基于计算机的教学。当然,也可以综合应用这些模式。例如:以播放录像带为主的课程可以经由卫星或万维网播放。

There are two key differences between distance education and traditional education. Distance education possesses flexibility and openness, irrespective of time, space, or the pace of learning. Here an instructor teaches, and somewhere else a student learns, breaking barriers of time and space. Instruction may take place in real time or on a time-delayed basis. Distance education modes are as varied as the courses themselves. Generally speaking, there are three basic modes of transmission in distance education: live TV broadcasts, transmission of complete or compressed information and computer-based instruction. Of course, all these modes can also be used in combination. For instance, broadcasts via satellite or the World Wide Web can be added in courses conducted primarily with videotapes.

5G指的是第五代无线技术,可实现更高的速度、更低的成本和更强大的连接功能。中国的三大电信运营商似乎正准备迎接5G竞赛,因为5G测试的频段(frequency band)已经分配。基于这一技术,物联网、增强现实(augmented reality)和虚拟现实应用、智能社区、无人驾驶汽车等,将充分发挥其潜力,对人们的生活产生巨大影响。专家认为,建设5G基站的成本至少是4G基站的1.5倍,这将给电信运营商带来压力;但在各行各业中进行5G创新和应用的趋势将促使他们快速行动。

5G refers to the fifth generation of wireless technology that enables higher speeds, lower costs and more powerful connectivity. China’s three major telecom operators seem to be preparing for the 5G competition because the frequency bands for 5G testing have been allocated. Based on this technology, the Internet of Things, augmented reality and virtual reality applications, smart communities, driverless cars, etc., will fully realize their potential and have a huge impact on people’s lives. Experts believe that the cost of building a 5G base station is at least 1.5 times that of a 4G base station, which will put pressure on telecom operators; however, the trend of innovating and applying 5G in various industries.

在经济增速放缓的大背景下,作为推动新型城镇化建设的重要载体,科技园区(high-tech zone)的建设至关重要。在创新成为重要经济驱动力的今天,科技园区作为全球知识经济中企业和研究机构的创新、创业最佳栖息地,不仅承载着推动技术创新、加速知识转移(knowledge transfer)、加快经济发展的使命,也是城市经济发展与竞争力的重要来源。科技园区如何充分发挥其在“新型城镇化”进程中的巨大作用,已经成为人们关注的焦点。

In the context of slow economic growth, the construction of the high-tech zone is crucial as an important carrier to promote the new-type urbanization. Today when innovation becomes a major economic driver, high-tech zones, the best habitat for the innovation and new business of enterprises and research institutes in the global knowledge economy, not only take on the mission of promoting technological innovation and accelerating knowledge transfer and economic growth, but also play an important role as a source of economic growth and competitiveness in cities. How the high-tech zone gives full play to its great function during “new-type urbanization” has been focused on.


Cities play an important role in the economic and social life in the world. The majority of the world’s population resides in cities. In recent decades, the process of urbanization is accelerating, and disadvantages of traditional urban development model have been becoming increasingly obvious. Recently, a new urban development concept called “smart city” has emerged. According to its definition, smart city is a high-tech urban area in which people, information and technology are intelligently connected to greatly enhance the quality of urban life. Smart cities have a wide range of electronic and digital technologies that enable their devices to communicate. At present, a host of governments are actively utilizing the latest Internet of things and big data technologies to transform traditional cities into smart cities of the future.